Fight or Flight

There are three truths I’ve come to learn over the past decade:

  1. Everything’s fine.
  2. Nice people get stuff.
  3. Nice people can’t be defeated.

Now, the phrase that may come to your mind may be “Nice guys finish last”. You should know that there are two different kinds of “Nice”. One kind comes from a place of fear and submission. The “nice guys” that finish last are coming from that place. They’re nice because they’re scared of what might happen if they’re not. Just keep the peace, don’t rock the boat, lay low. They finish last because they timidly step out of the way of people and opportunities that are passing them by, and they call it “just being nice”.

I’m here to teach you about the other kind of “Nice”. The type of “Nice” that comes from a place of confidence and fearlessness. We all already have it in us, but we tend to only use it when we feel safe and secure in our surroundings. When we are this kind of “Nice”, we show up and shine without apology. We know exactly who we are, and we know exactly what we have to offer.

The art of JOYkwondo is a practice of tapping into and using that confident form of “Nice” for a purpose. When I practice JOYkwondo, I act with intention and I get results, wearing a smile the whole time. I want to teach you this art because I know it will change your life forever.

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