Signs and Inner Wisdom

If I were to ask you to point to yourself, chances are you’d point to your heart area. It’s not likely you’ll point to your head, toe, or your elbow. Why? Because your heart area is where the true “you” is! Your heart area holds your spirit, soul, essence, and higher self. The magnetic field around your heart area has been scientifically measured to be about 8-10 ft around you in proximity. The head area and other areas, however, reach a much lower distance. I really think there’s something to that!

Your head tells you information from calculations based on emotions, experience, and outside circumstances. Your heart area, however, contains a higher wisdom that goes by many names: higher self, inner guru, spirit, the voice of God, intuition. Meditation is simply a way to shut out the noise and listen to what your inner wisdom has to say.

This inner wisdom is constantly speaking to you, whether you’re listening or not. You always have the choice to tap into it and follow it. You’ve heard of having a “gut feeling”, or a “knowing in your knower”?  When something tells you to check your tire pressure or to take a longer way home. When something tells you to give a specific message to a specific person, seemingly with no reason behind it.

Can you imagine what your life would look like if you listened to your inner voice more often, walking by faith and not by sight? What about all day, every day, for literally every decision you make, big or small? Speaking from experience, here’s what that would look like:

You’d start with the safe stuff– the decisions that wouldn’t be a complete disaster if they didn’t go as you planned. Then, after your initial success, you’d start getting steadily braver and more daring when following this newfound flowing wisdom. Eventually, you’d become completely fearless, having discovered that everything happens for a reason, and everything always turns out fine. Ultimately, you’d find yourself on a moment by moment adventure that leads you to all kinds of places and experiences you never thought you’d see, you’d discover your true self and purpose, and you’d find an inner peace that surpasses understanding.

Everything that happens to you is actually part of a bigger picture production. Stand back and start noticing it! If you haven’t already become aware of your inner voice, go ahead and start giving it a listen. Be curious! And don’t brush it off as random thoughts. Start actively paying attention to your inner voice, practicing a process that works for you to consistently tap into this wisdom, moment by moment. Then ACT! Whenever you feel any kind of nudge from your higher self, trust it and follow it. Take the leap of faith…. just to see where it takes you.


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