Love Languages

People experience joy when they know they are loved and appreciated. When you bring someone joy, you will automatically feel joy in return as a result. Also, when you show someone how much they mean to you, your relationship can’t help but deepen. Everyone is different. We all have different life experiences and come from different backgrounds. It makes sense, then, that we all communicate differently as a result. Overall, it comes down to knowing specifically what’s importantS to someone so you can understand, empathize, and work with them a little better. Having this important knowledge under your belt will help you overcome rough patches, misunderstandings, and occasional hurt feelings. You can win anyone over by showing them an act of kindness that directly speaks to their heart and being. This is some serious JOYkwondo sorcery!

The 5 love languages are pretty straightforward:

  • Words of Affirmation: Giving compliments and verbal recognition
  • Acts of Service: Helping with a task or serving them in some way
  • Receiving Gifts: Giving a physical gift as a symbol of your friendship
  • Quality Time: Having a deep, connecting conversation
  • Physical Touch: Giving a pat on the back or high five

You would be surprised at how much of a difference a little love and consideration can make in your everyday world. Don’t think for a second that showing someone love is going to make you gushy and unprofessional. Love can be as subtle as a “thank you” note on a post-it or a simple pat on the back as you walk by (quickly and non-suggestively). Bring someone a cup of coffee or their favorite candy. Notice what they like and spend a couple of dollars here and there… just to brighten someone’s day. Ask someone “How are you?” and show genuine interest in their answer. There are plenty of ways to show love to friends, loved ones, and even perfect strangers!

A difficult environment probably won’t change overnight, but it will change through the perseverance of demonstrating love and bringing joy. You don’t need to go overboard to the point that people start whispering about your intentions. Keep it casual and inconspicuous. Once you have established the fact that you care about the people who are around you every day, they are more likely to listen and respect your wishes! Can you see the advantage of this habit? People will tend to show you more respect and favor when they feel loved by you. Making the world a better place doesn’t come without reward, my friend. And I’ll say it again: When you bring someone joy, you will automatically feel joy in return as a result. This is a quick and effective way to pull yourself out of a funk when you’re having a challenging day.


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