JOYkwondo Exercise #15: Nothing to Fear


joykwondo Exercise

The training exercise is to face your fears. Don’t get me wrong, fear isn’t all bad. We have fear as a survival mechanism, and it keeps us alive. Fear of heights will keep you from getting too close to the edge of a cliff. A fear of snakes will keep you from getting bitten and poisoned!

Sometimes, though, we have controlled and safe environments that allow us the opportunity to experience something seemingly dangerous. A half wall or plexiglass window lets you look over the edge of the cliff without falling off. A locked terrarium in a reptile store allows you to come face to face with that poisonous snake and see that they’re just another animal.

So why not go face some of your silly phobias that limit you from living life to the fullest? The experience itself will obviously be unpleasant, and maybe even a bit traumatic. But facing your fear in a controlled environment allows you to really study why this thing frightens you, and you’ll get that much closer to overcoming that fear. The best part, though, is how empowered you’ll feel after the experience. You’ll catch a glimpse of what you’re really made of.

In the comments section, tell us about your daring encounter. Post the url if you have it on video! Don’t forget to write a Joy Journal entry tonight to celebrate yourself!

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