JOYkwondo Exercise #9: You Have More Authority Than You Realize

joykwondo Exercise

This training exercise is a bit of an art and crafts project: You are going to make a vision board. A vision board is simply a collage of images of things you want to attract into your life. The poster acts as a constant reminder to your mind of the things you want in life. Because of your authority, you’ll eventually end up with everything on your vision board (even the stuff you thought was totally unrealistic). Watch and see!

The traditional vision board is a simple poster board with glue on magazine clippings. Many prefer the poster board style because it can be posted on a wall and seen first thing in the morning. Another option, though, is to use an online collage maker. Digital vision boards are nice because it’s easier to do an image search on Google than to flip through stacks of magazines looking for just the right photo. It’s also nice because your finished product can be saved as a background image on your phone or computer, which you probably look at frequently.

Because this is a course on finding joy, your vision board for this assignment will be comprised specifically of images that bring you joy. Imagine what your most joyful self looks like. What environment or lifestyle would bring you absolute contentment? There are really no rules for this project. Only that the images that are placed on this board are actually things that you genuinely want to attract into your life, and would bring you true contentment.

Post the link to your vision board or to a pic of your poster board in the comments section for others to see and get some ideas and inspiration. Obviously, you’ll want to keep a copy for yourself to look at frequently. Also, don’t forget to write your Joy Journal entry for the day!

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