JOYkwondo Exercise #30: Black Belt Your brain

The Silva Mind Control Method

The Silva Mind Control Method is a way of using more of the human mind, training your brain to reach and sustain a certain state of mental functioning called the “alpha state”. Your right brain hemisphere is more about visual, intuition, and other processes, whereas your left-brain hemisphere is associated with logical thinking and physical experience. Most people use the left brain hemisphere as their dominant hemisphere. At the alpha level, though, you can think creatively with the right brain WHILE the left brain helps maintain logic and rationality.

You can find plenty of information and resources for learning the Silva Mind Control Method, but the video below is good starter kit. It contains some history about Jose Silva as well as the science behind this method. It also contains several of the meditation exercises lead by Silva’s own daughter:

Silva method EXERCISES:

Here are seven “brain reprogramming” exercises pulled from the full video above, in case you’d like to bookmark this page and jump straight to the exercises. It’s important that you do them in consecutive order:

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