JOYkwondo Exercise #29: Joy Journal Findings

Today, you’re going to reflect on your Joy Journal. If you don’t know about the Joy Journal, STOP RIGHT NOW and go to JOYkwondo Exercise #1. Because obviously, you’ll want to have a few journal entries already completed before you take on today’s exercise.

You’re about to use your joy journal entries to make a unique list of things that you have found to bring you your most personalized form of joy. The list will be called: “My Funk Busters”. There are lots of ways to keep a “Funk Buster” list:

  • You can write this list on the last page of your Joy Journal.
  • You can post a simple handwritten list up on your fridge or work desk.
  • You can make a digital list somewhere in the cloud and access it from any device!

Once that’s ready, go back through all of your Joy Journal entries and see what you wrote as your answer for question number five: “What could you actively do to put yourself in that situation?” That’s right! Just record every answer you ever gave for question #5 in the form of a list. Once you’ve written all your “Funk Busters” down, reflect on your list:

Does your list surprise you in any way? Is there anything you’ve learned about yourself as you read through your list? What “a-ha” moments does this exercise give you?

In the future, when life and the world try to tear you down, your “Funk Busters” list will come in handy to help you courageously fight back using one of the most powerful forces you’ve now come to know: JOY.

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