JOYkwondo Exercise #26: Invisible Act of Kindness

joykwondo Exercise

For this training exercise, you’re going to perform an act of kindness. In fact, don’t stop at one, commit to FIVE! Your challenge, though, is to remain anonymous. This is an INVISIBLE act of kindness, so it’s important that no one knows who did such a nice thing. No one must catch you in the act or respond to your kindness in person. Why the anonymity? There is a specific type of joy I need you to experience in this assignment: the type of joy you feel when you totally love yourself and don’t care who knows it. You love your life, and you love this world, and you’re just celebrating that with this invisible act of kindness. No pat on the back required! You’re not trying to get anything in return… you just care!

Need some ideas?

  • Leave a coupon behind its matching product at the grocery store
  • Pay someone’s parking meter
  • Pick up some trash or tidy up a public area
  • Return your shopping cart (bring some extra with you)
  • Leave a nice note at the park for someone to find
  • Leave spare change in the vending machine

Since this is an invisible act, don’t tell us what you did in the comments section. Just give a quick report on how it made you feel. Of course, you can write the full report to keep for yourself. It’ll be fun to look back on in the future and celebrate how awesome you are. Also, don’t forget to write your Joy Journal entry for the day!

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