JOYkwondo Exercise #22: Give Joy to Get Joy

The idea that altruism behaves like a “miracle drug” has been around for decades. We legitimately experience a euphoric feeling when we help others. It’s called the “helper’s high,”! Watch this short Ted Talk to find out more:

joykwondo Exercise

Do something nice for someone today. Give your kid some candy. Wash your mom’s car. Play fetch with your dog! It doesn’t matter what act of kindness you do, the importance is that you do something that truly brings that someone joy.

The more important part of this training exercise today is for you to experience the joy you feel in return. Notice how all of your stresses seem to become smaller or completely melt away. Notice how alive and known you feel. Breathe it in and commit the feeling to memory. Notice how quickly the act of kindness toward someone else actually elevated your mood as a result!

Report your findings in the comments section below. Make sure to keep a copy of your report in your portfolio as well. You may even want to add the experience to your joy journal unless you’ve already got something else in mind for today’s entry.

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